I was first introduced to Gors Fawr Stone Circle about 20 years ago by a friend when I came to live in the area. I was immediately struck by the gentle feminine, yin quality of the circle and how it seemed to be the centre of the arc of The Presely Hills. It felt as though being in the circle one was at the centre of the energy arc of The Preselys. To this day whenever I go there I have this sensation. Facing north to north east from Gors Fawr Carn Meini rises up from the plain in which Gors Fawr is placed. It is a magnificent hill or mountain with a very striking series of jagged outcrops which are referred to as The Dragons Back. On some level it seems that Carn Meini is the yang counterpart of Gors Fawr. Carn Meini has a very strong radiant quality and is significant for a variety of reasons including the presence of Blue Stones which one way or another have found there way from Carn Meini to Stone Henge. How they got there is an interesting consideration. There are those of a more visionary mystical nature who see them as having been magically transported there by Merlin and there are the geologists who see the cause as being ancient flows of ice! From the synchronistic perspective it does n't really matter how something happens as causality as commonly understood is seen to be a somewhat fragmented view point. How ever you look at it, it is somewhat amazing that the Blue Stones have found their way from a very powerful and ancient site in Pembrokeshire to another very ancient and powerful site a couple of hundred or so miles away!

When visiting these ancient sites thoughts do arise as to how and why these circles were created and what was the consciousness of their creators. Much has been written about the matter and as understanding of the subtle energies in the universe develops along with an increasing awareness and appreciation of ancient and/or "non-european" cultures, the discussion deepens. Who were the creators of these circles and what were their thought processes? One incident comes to mind and that is a comment made by Paramhansa Yogananda when visiting Stonehenge. His comment was that he had been there in the distant past and I think the implication was that he'd been actively involved in working with the circle. I mention this because I wish to put forth the idea that the beings responsible for the stone circles may well have been in tune with the universe and aware of other dimensions that humanity is currently partially or totally out of touch with. However, all this is changing as contemporary civilization learns to appreciate the ancient mysteries and awaken to the multi-dimensional universe we are all part of. Interest in ancient sites and the fact that they are becoming major centres of pilgrimage is an indication of this collective awakening.

One system of thought which is having a lot of coverage in the media at the moment and which seems relevant to this discussion is The Ancient Art of Placement or Fung Shui. Could Gors Fawr be placed 50 yards to the left for instance or does it have to be exactly where it is?! My feeling is that the creators of Gors Fawr and other stone circles were intuitively aware of the Art of Placement or Feng Shui. In other words I would like to suggest that Gors Fawr is in exactly the right place and the only place it could be!!! Ultimately I would go as far as to say this is true of all ancient sacred sites and that they are a manifestation of "being in harmony with the universe" or in tune with the "Tao".

There are a variety of "facts" about Gors Fawr that are of interest to the visitor in terms of the number of stones (16) and that there are two outlying stones which are aligned to the solstice. One of those outlying stones is shown below and is also on the home page of this site and is called The Dreaming Stone. It is a magnetic rock and is a beautiful place to meditate or simply "Be".

The Dreaming Stone, Gors Fawr.


The Presely Hills stretch from the east of the county (Crymych) and to the north (Newport). There are a series of peaks which can be approached from a variety of places. Some people walk the whole range of hills which is a wonderful experience though you need to be fairly fit to complete the walk comfortably! One of the reasons The Preselys are famous is because of the bluestone connection. Bluestone is found at Carn Meini and in the area generally and identical rock forms part of Stonehenge.

Bedd Arthur

There are many ways that contemporary humans seek to understand the mysteries of the past and there are many theories or models that seek to place the remnants of ancient cultures such as stone circles in a meaningful context. One such model of the universe involves the idea of an etheric grid comparable to the meridians associated with the human body. Such a way of looking at the universe suggests that underlying all phenomena there is a subtle counterpart imbued with intelligence, understanding and love. This concept which has found its voice this century in the principle of Gaia is considered by many to be the kind of understanding that guided and inspired ancient cultures. There are many variations possible on this theme but in the context of The Presely Hills I'd like to focus on the idea of the etheric counterpart and the chakra system.

The Preselys as Sacred Landscape.

If we go along with the idea that the chakra system found in the human body widely occurs in all mammals it does n't take much of a leap in consciousness to consider the possibility that it also exists in "matter". I place the word matter in inverted commas because in the context of the ancient wisdom matter is considered to be imbued with consciousness just as are living organisms. So one prevailing idea is that a range of hills such as The Preselys has a chakra system just as we have. By chakra system I mean in this context a series of focal points of energy of specific qualities evenly distributed over a finite distance. In the context of The Preselys the idea runs something like this. Foel Eyre or possibly Carn Ingli corresponds to the crown chakra and Foel Drygarn corresponds to the base chakra. In that scheme of things the stone circle shown above corresponds to the second chakra. I am putting forward these ideas not because I think they are necessarily conclusive or completely represent the actual situation but because it is a view of the hills that I am familiar with and to a certain extent resonate with. This principle of the etheric counterpart and the chakra system can be applied to any location and can be useful in terms of tuning into and being in harmony with sacred sites. Another idea associated with The Preselys is that of the zodiac. This is a somewhat different model but the same principle applies which is that there is a correspondence between one "reality" and another. Thus in the context of the landscape zodiac the idea is that energies on the surface of the earth correspond with qualities of energy associated with the various signs of the zodiac. It remains somewhat speculative as to why exactly ancient cultures made stone circles, dolmens, pyramids and other structures. However if we visit these ancient sites and tune into their energy there is the real possibility that we can catch a glimpse as to how and why such structures came into being....

What I would like to provisionally suggest is that anyone who visits this area and would like to share their ideas and experiences to do with the sacred sites feel free to so via the medium of this web site. That way we will build up a body of ideas and experiences for anyone and everyone to benefit from. Ideally to make the task easy for me I'd like to receive any contributions in digital form and you can e.mail me such contributions at. Celtic Pembrokeshire web master

Walking The Preselys.

Many of the places mentioned on this site are accessible by foot from Trallwyn. The map below gives you a good idea of the general lie of the land.

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